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Indbro Chicken

“Indbro Chicken” and “Indbro Brown eggs” are the products of INDBRO RESEARCH & BREEDING FARMS PVT.LTD, a company promoted by a qualified scientist in the year 2000. The Research & Development Unit of the company is recognized by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India since 2004. Ministry of Agriculture gave venture capital assistance to develop breeding stocks suitable for rural poultry. Four products developed by the R&D wing are commercialized.

1. RAINBOW ROOSTER - A dual purpose, multicoloured  low technology input bird, which is recognized by the Ministry as suitable for Back yard poultry. Millions of chicks and grown up birds are distributed all over India under National Livelihood mission since 2013. Rainbow Rooster is a popular poultry product in Kenya and Uganda.

2. INDBRO BROWN LAYER – A sturdy brown coloured layer, laying brown eggs capable of laying 345 eggs to the age of 80weeks is also listed by Ministry of Agriculture as suitable for back yard poultry. Half a million chicks were distributed in Odisha & west Bengal to the rural backyard by the respective state governments in 2019. A feather sexable layer with a brown cockrel are well accepted from Kerala to Kashmir to Mizoram.

3. INDBRO COLOURED BROILER - A slow growing multicoloured broiler is harvested to be marketed as Indbro Chicken at Hyderabad in 2020. National Research Center for Meat, an ICAR institution certified by ISO adjudged Indbro chicken as tasty and healthy compared to white broiler chicken. More information on the production process is given in the processing part.

4. INDBRO ASSEEL- Sensing the clamour of Indian consumer to the taste of Native chicken, the R&D division of the company has developed a production process of a cross with Desi birds with fast growing birds to produce larger number of chicks which are healthy, grow uniformly, with less mortality, takes lesser time to grow saving feed but typically look like and taste like ASSEEL, a well know breed in telugu speaking states of India. 


BREEDING & REARING - The journey to produce healthy chicken starts at breeding, by choosing the right combination of lines, well researched. 

INDBRO Chicken is a multi coloured slow growing Broiler harvest of Indbro Coloured Broilers, which are specially bred at Company R&D for better taste and health. The product is tested at all levels, for the growth potential, nutritive value and taste. 

The pure line birds which are under constant selection since the year 2000 are carefully chosen and crossed to produce this Broiler.

A healthy chick produced from disease free parents, hatched in clean area, is the beginning. They are reared in the farms which are under the direct supervision of the company. The Birds are managed under strict Biosecurity. The flocks are reared on separate farms on “All in All out basis” to prevent spread of any possible infection and to isolate the flocks that are necessitated to be treated in case of a disease incidence. 

  • Dedicated care takers living in the premises prevents cross contamination.
  • Entry of visitors, equipment and vehicles are strictly prohibited. Technicians visiting, follow strict Biosecurity protocols. 
  • Proper brooding of chicks with an optimum temperature gives a good start to the delicate chick.
  • Antibiotics fed to the birds can lead to transmissible resistance. Prevention of diseases to the birds, ensures healthy chicken needing no treatment. All the Broilers are fed with specially designed balanced feed with no Antibiotics or Growth promoters at the company owned feed mill. No animal feed additives like fish meal or meat meal are in the feed. 
  • The feed is produced in a clean feed plant and packed in new bags.
  • Water pumped from deep bore well to the overhead tank flows by gravity to the last bird, with our human intervention.
  • Nipple drinking system provides clean water without wastage.


    The birds are hygienically slaughtered at the dressing unit certified by FSSAI, completely under the control of the company. The chicken is packed and chilled immediately to Zero degrees and the cold chain is maintained till the chicken reaches the consumer’s door step.

    Humane slaughter, clean surroundings and clean handling while dressing keeps the food safe. The Live birds are stunned by instant dip of the head in slightly electrified water bath. The bird then is HALAL slaughtered by cutting the veins. The birds are completely bled while hanging on the shackles. 

    • De feathering and evisceration is done under clean surroundings 
    • The carcass is cut into portions with the stainless steel circular saw as per the requirement. The pieces are washed with clean running water. 
    • The chicken is packed in pouches properly labeled and is sealed with a machine.
    • The chicken packed in pouches is immediately chilled to 0C in a blast freezer. The chilled pouches are kept with equal amount of ice packs in in thematically sealed boxes kept in a refrigerated van ensures safe chicken for four days. 

    How Indbro Chicken Certified?

    Indbro Chicken is compared to white Broiler chicken by the National Research Center for Meat, an ISO 2008 certified institute of ICAR. 73% of the taste panelists judged Indbro chicken as tastier compared to 27% who preferred the white broiler. The water holding capacity of Indbro chicken is found to be higher, helping further to retain the taste of the condiments after cooking. The ratio of Saturated, Unsaturated and poly unsaturated fatty acids should be 1:1:1 for health benefits. Indbro chicken is found to be closer to this ratio.

    NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER ON MEAT is an ICAR institute researching on Meat and help various Government institutes to establish standards on meat quality, processing, preservation and consumer safety.

    Indbro Research and Breeding Farms Pvt. Ltd. entered in to a contract research with the National Research Center on Meat to compare the meat parameters of standard white Broiler and the slow Growing Indbro coloured Broiler. Both Broilers of two kilo weight are compared on the same day by the same team of scientists.

    • The evaluation started with the weight loss of birds after transportation. All the cut up parts were weighed and percentages were calculated. 
    • The colour parameters were evaluated with specific equipment.
    • Samples were collected to measure the diameter of the muscle fibers and other parameters which decide the tenderness and juiciness of the meat.
    • Both visual differences and measurements were taken by the scientists to evaluate the differences in the colour, water holding capacity and the tenderness of the meat.
    • Sensory evaluation of the meat of both the genotypes were evaluated by the qualified scientists.
    • An untrained taste panel of 160 people was constituted who were served with Broiler chicken and Indbro Chicken with basic cooking without revealing the identity of the product.
    • The salient features of the research are that the Indbro chicken has leaner breast and higher leg meat on thighs and drumsticks. Too heavy breast meat lumps of white Broiler do not hold water (gravy). The higher water holding capacity of Indbro broiler makes it more tastier.
    • The colour of Indbro chicken is more appealing. The tenderness, juiciness and flavor is better with Indbro chicken.
    • The protein content of Indbro Chicken is marginally higher, where the fat content is less. 
    • The Fatty acid composition was analyzed. The Healthy ratio among saturated, Unsaturated and poly unsaturated fatty acids is 1:1:1. The ratio in Indbro chicken is narrower and closer to recommendations compared to that of white Broiler. 
    • The Thigh cholesterol content of Indbro chicken is much lesser than that of white Broiler.
    • The untrained taste panel gave a clear verdict in favor of Indbro chicken. 73% of the panelists could instantaneously judge the better taste of Indbro Chicken. 


    Future Plans to go for

    Organic certification by following the NPOP (National Program on ORGANIC production) standards for Organic farming.

    Desired Cuts & Packing

    The slow growing multi coloured Indbro Chicken is available in 1Kg and 0.5Kg packs with different cuts. Currently Indbro is providing Chicken Curry Cut, Biryani Cut, Boneless Pieces, Leg Pieces, Chicken Wings. We deliver chicken directly from Farm to your Door-Step with best packing in industry. Beyond regular quantity, we are also providing Party Packs for bulk orders, parties, restaurants, functions etc.

    Farm Fresh to Door Step Delivery

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