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About Us

INDBRO RESEARCH & BREEDING FARMS PVT LTD is a Government of India recognised Pure-line Poultry Breeding Organisation promoted by a qualified scientist in the year 2000. The Research & Development Unit of the Company is recognized by The Department of Science & Technology, Government of India since 2004.

Vision Statement-

" To Breed Birds that are Well Adaptable to Tropical Climates and can Perform well under Low-Grade Input & Low-Level Management as well as Superior Feed & Organised Housing Systems "

Mission Statement-

" To be the leading Supplier of Poultry Breeding Stocks Well Adapted to Hot Climates, Open-Housing Systems, Low Grade Feed and Low Level Infections "

India has Open-Sided Poultry Houses facing varied Climates with Temperatures varying from less than 10°C to 45°C. The Poultry Housing Infrastructure, Management, Feed and Marketing Systems in India are unique in their own way. The Birds have to Thrive and Produce results utilizing the Low-Grade Grains which are not used by Human Beings. The Water and Air given to the birds contain Low-Level Infections which cannot be avoided with Low-Cost Housing in Rural Areas of India.

The Company believes that Birds bred in Open-Sided Houses will Adapt to the Tropical Climates, Low-Cost Housing, Inferior Inputs and will also perform. These Birds are Dual-Purpose and can also Perform even better with Superior Feed and Organised Housing Systems. The Facilities and Manpower required for Breeding are Less Expensive in India, while the Technology is available. Indbro Research & Breeding Farms has over the years developed 4 Breeds through Selective Breeding that are well suitable to all such conditions.

Selective Breeding of Poultry is a Challenging Research Enterprise involving Huge Infrastructure, Finance and Committed Manpower. Providing Health Care to multiply and deliver these Stocks Free from Vertically Transmitted Diseases is another challenge to the Breeding Company.

Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt Ltd has been involved with birds acclimatized for Hot Climates with Huge Infrastructure, enough Finances and a Group of Committed Technicians and Employees with an aim to Produce Efficient Poultry Stocks to suit the Ever Changing Requirement of India.

The Company envisages Developing Technology and Production Systems to generate Income with Low Capital Investment. In short, the Company will actively participate in Food Production Systems. These birds will also suit the “Organic Food Production”.

Native Poultry has been a source of Nutritious Food in the form of Eggs & Chicken besides being a source of Income to many Housewives in the Rural Areas of India. In spite of the Rapid Industrialization in the past few decades, Multi-Coloured Rural Poultry has maintained it’s identity for their Adaptability to Rugged Environment and most importantly TASTE.  Food Safety norms emphasize the Natural way of rearing Chicken without Adding Synthetic Nutrients, Antibiotic Medicaments or Performance Enhancers. Colored Birds that grow with Natural Low Level Inputs and No Added Chemicals can be Branded as “Organic Chicken”. Better Feed Conversion on Low Quality Feeds Suitable for Rugged Village Conditions with the Original TASTE of the Native Chickens is in demand. Multi-Colored Birds produced by Indbro are Breed Crosses, Scientifically Bred for this purpose with better Efficiency.

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